Virtual Soil Science Learning Resources Since its inception in 2004, VSSLR have become a nationally and internationally recognized and adopted in soil science courses and natural resource programs at various Canadian and North American universities.
SOILx SOILx is an online interactive platform that provides geo-located information about different soil types and soil study sites across Canada. This platform is designed for desktop and mobile devices and it also includes an augmented reality interface, allowing users to find and learn about soil sites through their GPS-enabled smartphones or tablets.
It's Alive! This web-based teaching resource illustrates the effects of variable retention harvesting on soil microbial biodiversity and healthy functioning of soils in forest ecosystems.
LUI Tool The LAND USE IMPACTS (LUI) teaching tool provides students with multimedia web-based experience to assist in teaching about impacts of various land uses on the University of British Columbia Endowment Lands on soil formation and soil quality as presented in the APBI 402 / SOIL 502 – Sustainable soil management course.

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