Basic Soil Science Principles

SoilWeb200 provides students with online, interactive, graphical, video and text-based information to assist them in understanding fundamental soil science concepts.

The Soil TopARgraphy phone app allows UBC students, enrolled in the APBI 200 – Introduction to Soil Science course, to view topographical distribution of different soil types. The objective of the Soil TopARgraphy app is to allow students to learn about the effects of topography on formation of different soil types through an immersive and visual Augmented Reality (AR) terrain.

The Soil Lab Modules site includes virtual soil laboratory modules that are an accessible complement to courses on soil laboratory analysis, supplement learning for other courses where soil analysis is relevant, and provide a starting place for those new to the soils laboratory.

Soil in Questions is Vista based repository of soil science questions. The repository is used in natural resources and soil related UBC courses. The repository includes multiple choice, short answer, and discussion questions.

APBI 100 – Soil and the Global Environment is an online course exploring the linkages between global environmental issues and the soil beneath our feet.

APBI 200 – Introduction to Soil Science Distance Education Course – will provide you with an understanding of: soil as a product of physical, chemical and biological processes acting over time on various rock and organic parent materials, the wide variety of soils resulting from soil-forming processes, the major criteria used for classifying these soils into the Canadian system of soil classification and the importance of appropriate management and land use practices to ensure conservation of this vital resource for forestry and agriculture.

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