Soil Classification

SOIL ORDERS OF CANADA is a virtual learning resource on soil identification and classification based on the Canadian soil classification system.

This website illustrates processes of soil parent material and landscape development. Video footage was obtained in the Rocky Mountains and southern interior of British Columbia to enable students to visualize similar processes that occurred in the past.

The objective of this web-based teaching tool was to showcase the soil monolith collection stored at the University of British Columbia (UBC) by providing learning community with an overview of this unique collection of 197 display models assembled over the past four decades.

To improve post-secondary education of forest floor description and forest humus form classification we developed the Forest Floor Tool – an online, multimedia supported educational resource

The VIRTUAL SOIL PROCESSES teaching tool was developed to illustrate the four general soil forming processes: additions, losses, translocations and transformations.

Soil Identification & Classification field course focuses on soil description, identification and classification principles for natural resource use across the landscapes of British Columbia.

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