Soil in Questions


Soil in Questions is a Vista-based repository of soil science questions. The repository is used in natural resources and soil related UBC courses. The repository includes multiple choice, short answer, and discussion questions. The questions will also be used in formative assessment and summative examination. Self-assessment quizzes consisting of soil questions closely tailored to course learning objectives are an effective way of helping students enhance their understanding, but are often under-utilized due to time constrains on instructors’ schedules.

Funding provided by the UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (2010)

Team members:

  • Dr. Maja Krzic (UBC, Vancouver),
  • Dr. Stephanie Grand, (UBC, Vancouver)
  • Chris Crowley, MET (UBC, Vancouver)
  • Josefina Rosado (UBC, Vancouver)
  • Gabriel Lascu (UBC, Vancouver)

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