University of British Columbia Courses

Soil science courses offered at University of British Columbia,
Vancouver and Okanagan


 Course Name Instructor
APBI 100 – Soil and the global environment Dr. M.C. Fortin
APBI 200 – Introduction to soil science (campus version) Dr. M. Krzic
APBI 200 – Introduction to soil science (DE version)  Dr. S. Brown
APBI 244 – Introduction to Biometeorology Drs. Black and Christen
APBI 342 – Soil biology
Dr. C. Chanway
APBI 401 / SOIL 501 – Soil processes Dr. S. Brown
APBI 402 / SOIL 502 – Sustainable soil management Drs. M. Krzic and S. Brown
APBI 403 / SOIL 503 – Soil Sampling, Analyses and Data Interpretation Drs. M. Krzic, S. Brown,
and S. Grayston
SOIL 500 – Graduate seminar in soil science Dr. S. Brown
SOIL 514 – Biometeorology Dr. A. Black
SOIL 515 – Integrated Watershed Management Dr. H. Schreier
SOIL 516 – Urban Watershed Management Dr. H. Schreier
SOIL 520 – Agricultural Watershed Management Dr. S. Smukler
SOIL 518 – Water in International Development Dr. H. Schreier
FRST 512 – Belowground forest ecosystems Dr. C. Prescott
EESC 456 – Soil Science Dr. D. Scott
EESC 311 – Environmental Impact Assessment Dr. D. Scott
UFOR 403 – Ecological restoration Dr. C. Prescott

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